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DO NOT operate the throttle trigger with your left hand and hold the front handle with your right hand. Never allow any part of your body to be in the chain line while operating a saw.

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Allow no person to use this chain saw who has not read this operatorʼs manual or received adequate instructions for the safe and proper use of this chain saw. During felling operations, the safe distance should be a least twice the height of the largest trees in the felling area.

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During bucking operations, keep a minimum distance of 4. Leave this operation for professionals.

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Forcing the cut could result in damage to the bar, chain, or engine. Running the saw at full throttle without a cutting load can result in unnecessary wear to the chain, bar, and engine. Wait until the hazardous weather has ended.

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When felling a tree, it is important that you heed the following warnings to prevent possible serious injury. Have these trees nejlepší léky na tlak or dragged down with heavy equipment, then cut them up.

Pick your escape route or routes in case the intended route is blocked. Clear the immediate area around the tree and make sure there are no obstructions in your planned path of retreat. Clear the path of safe retreat approximately ° from the planned line of fall A. Consider the force and direction of the wind, the lean and balance of the tree, and the location of large limbs.

These things infl uence the direction in which the tree will fall. Do not try to fell a tree along a line different from its natural line of fall B. Make the notch cuts so they intersect at right angles to the line of fall. This notch should be cleaned out to leave a straight line.

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To keep the weight of the wood off the saw, always make the lower cut of the notch before the upper cut. Make the back-cut D nejlepší léky na tlak and horizontal, and at a minimum of 5 cm above the horizontal cut of the notch.

It controls the fall of the tree and prevents slipping or twisting or shoot-back of the tree off the stump. On large diameter trees, stop the back cut before it is deep enough for the tree to either fall or settle back on the stump.

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Then insert soft wooden or plastic wedges F into the cut so they do not touch the chain. Drive wedges in, little by little, to help jack the nejlepší léky na tlak over. As tree starts to fall, stop the chainsaw and put it down immediately.

Retreat along the cleared path, but watch the action in case something falls your way. The hinge controls the fall of the tree: this is the section of wood between the notch and nejlepší léky na tlak. Remove large buttress roots prior to felling.

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Make nejlepší léky na tlak horizontal cut A into the buttress fi rst, followed by the vertical cut B. Remove the resulting loose section C from the work area.

Follow the correct tree felling procedure after you have removed the large buttress roots. Make sure that no objects can contact the guide bar nose and chain during cutting: this can cause kick-back A. As you cut the log, it will tend to bend.

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Give special attention to logs under stress G to prevent the bar and chain from pinching. Note that the saw will tend za liječenje hipertenzije stupnja 3 pull away from you. During underbucking, the saw will tend to push back at you.

Be prepared for this reaction and hold the saw fi rmly to maintain control. Maintain secure footing and balance. Cut from the side of the tree opposite the branch you are cutting.

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Do not stand on ladders, platforms, a log, or in any position which may cause you to lose your balance or control of the saw. This prevents stripping the bark from the main member. Overbuck the branch to drop it B. Finish by cutting smoothly and neatly against the main member C so the bark will grow back to seal the wound.

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If the limbs to be pruned are above chest height, hire a professional to perform the pruning. On a fallen tree, a rooted stump has a high potential of springing back to the upright position during the bucking cut to separate the log from the stump.

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Watch out for spring-poles; they are dangerous. This could result in severe or fatal injury to the operator.